Monday, March 31, 2008

88. Doc Savage

Doc Savage is so damn cool.
He's like James Bond, Indiana Jones and John McClane all rolled into one with a little Thomas Edison thrown on top.
Seriously, why isn't there a monthly Doc Savage book?
It makes no sense!

Medium: Pencil on paper

Tomorrow; More Doctors!

87. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a character that truly showcases the genius work of Steve Ditko. Some of the most innovative and unique work ever. I love Steve Ditko, but I hear that we will be having a Ditko week later in the year, so I'll save my gushing until then.
I based my Stephen Strange on Errol Flynn, as everyone should.

Medium: Pen & ink

86. Doctor Light

Doctor Light is a character that I knew very little about until I read what Bill Reed had written about her, so, if you want to learn more, why don't you read what Bill has written about her.

Medium: Pen & ink w/ glow

85. Dr. Mid-Nite

Doctor Week continues with Dr. Mid-Nite and his ├╝ber-cool animal sidekick, Hooty!

Medium: Pen & ink

Friday, March 28, 2008

84. Dr. Occult

I want to see more of Dr. Occult. I think we can do better than just a Trenchcoat Brigade mini too. I know that supernatural themed comics don't seem to fare as well in today's superhero-dominated market, but I would love to see a Trenchcoat Brigade ongoing.

Medium: Pencil, ink, & digital

Thursday, March 27, 2008

83. Rot Lop Fan

The final day of Green Lantern week.
Number 83 on the list is Rot Lop Fan, one of those characters who is high concept with a low volume of actual stories. It's a shame, because the idea is just great. Giving a powerful weapon based on light to a being who has no concept of light. That's heavy, man.

Medium: Pen & ink w/fractal swirl (I wish I could remember where I got it)

Yes, I am well aware that I am behind on these posts. I'll try to catch back up over the weekend.
Tomorrow: Doctor Week Begins!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

82. Ch’p

Once again, this is one of the great things about comics; it's the only medium that you can get away with setting Ch’p against an enemy like Darkseid.
That's right, Ch’p was part of the strike force that attacked Apokolips in "JLA: Another Nail".
It's fantastically phantasmagoric, and you just don't get that anywhere else.

Medium: Pen & ink w/the eyes

Friday, March 21, 2008

81. Guy Gardner

I completely agree with Bill Reed, Guy Gardner is "the greatest ever Green Lantern of Earth!"
He's an in-your-face jerk and he makes no apologies for it. I've spoken before about characters being relatable, and Guy is exactly that. Everyone knows a jerk!
The only problem I have with him is the fact that they say a hit on the head made him this way. Bull. I know plenty of people who are jerks, and it isn't because they were hit in the head. It may make you want to hit them in the head, but that's a different story.

Medium: Pen & ink

Thursday, March 20, 2008

80. Mogo

Mogo is a great concept, but it has got to be difficult to write a story centering on him. Stories can take place on or near Mogo, but other than that, I don't know.
Wait, the power rings work on the willpower of the user, right? The force of will of an entire planet? It's hard to wrap my head around just how powerful Mogo really is.

Medium: Digital

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

79. Kilowog

Green Lantern week continues with my favorite member of the Corps; Kilowog.
I love the Green Lantern Corps, if for no other reason than the fact that characters like Kilowog and G’Nort can interact with one another. That's beautiful.

Medium: Pencil, pen & ink w/glow

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

78. G’Nort

This is the perfect post for the day after St. Patrick's. G’Nort!
Get it? He's like the hair of the dog that bit you... ...
Anyway, I understand that G’Nort is going to be played for laughs most of the time, and that's fine. But instead of portraying him like a Jar Jar Binks type of character, have him resemble Barf (John Candy) from Spaceballs. It would be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Medium: Pencil, pen & ink

Monday, March 17, 2008

77. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts

Whenever I see Jigsaw stretching, I can't help but think of that creepy Nerds Rope.

Medium: Pen & ink w/this background

That's it for Joe Simon Week. Join me tomorrow for a bit of the green.

76. The Green Team

I think that The Green Team could be a lot of fun if they updated them.
...Maybe it's just me.

Medium: Pen & ink w/money

75. Romance comics

Much like Bill, I don't know much about Romance comics. But I do know that this was a fun piece to do. Too bad I didn't have more time to do it like I really wanted to.

Medium: Pen & ink w/digital

74. Prez

The fourth item in Joe Simon week, Prez is my first collaboration of the year. My 20 month old daughter decided to add the clouds in the background, and I believe there is also a frog over on the right. If you would like to commission some artwork from her, let me know and I will see how busy her schedule is.

Medium; Pen & ink with Sophia-Clouds

Thursday, March 13, 2008

73. Brother Power, the Geek

I love Brother Power. His story was quintessential 60s and almost unnervingly psychedelic, and there's nothing wrong with that. Where is he these days? The industry certianly could use the levity.
Shake down the internet, seek the Geek! Join the brother love fest!

I told you Joe Simon Week was going to be great.

Medium: Pen & ink

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

72. Captain America

Joe Simon week is going to be great!
First up is Captain America, symbol of our fine nation, and idol to millions.
Now as much as I like what Ed Brubaker is doing with the current book, Steve Rogers is the ONLY person who will ever truly be Captain America. I keep waiting for it to be revealed that the person we saw die was a Skrull imposter, or perhaps, now that his body is back in the Arctic deep-freeze, his Super-Soldier serum will somehow heal his gunshot wounds. *Sigh* I miss Steve Rogers.
I guess 1980s Glam metal supergroup, Cinderella was right; "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)"

Medium: Pen & ink with clip-art background

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

71. Arnold Drake

It was a nearly a year ago, (March 12, 2007) Arnold Drake passed away. His stories were filled with everything I love about comics, and he created some of the wildest characters ever. Doom Patrol, the Guardians of the Galaxy, not to mention one of my all-time favorite characters; Deadman!
Thank you, Mr. Drake for all of your contributions to the comic industry, you are missed.

Medium: Pen & ink.

70. Joe Simon

I love Joe Simon.
I know that Bill said that he wasn't going to cover Joe’s original Outsiders, but I couldn't resist.

More Simon-tology later this week.

Medium: Pencil on paper

69. Mike Norton

I'm running short on time yet again, so go read what Bill Reed said about our final mike of the week; Mike Norton, he's far better at this writing stuff than I'll ever be.

Medium: Pen & ink

68. Mike Wieringo

I never got to meet Mike Wieringo, but he was a regular contributor to one of my favorite hangouts, the drawing board.
You are truly missed Ringo.

Medium: Pencil on paper

67. Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola is one of the few creators that I have actually had the pleasure to meet. I wish I had some wonderfully scandalous story to tell, but he was a really nice guy.
Super-talented & nice, ... What a jerk!

Medium: Pen & ink

66. Mike Parobeck

Did I say Monday? I meant Tuesday.

Mike Parobeck's slick art style IS a reason to love comics.

Medium: Pen & ink

Friday, March 07, 2008

65. Mike Allred

Love the Mike Allred. He's got crisp, clean linework. It's more than just comic art, it's pop art. Simply, beautiful.
Pictured above is Frank Einstein. You may have seen him if you've ever traveled to Snap City.

Medium: Pen & ink

Oh, and I will be using this weekend to get caught up with the 365 list, so expect a Mega-post Monday

Thursday, March 06, 2008

64. Mike Sekowsky

Yesterday I had a bit of a problem deciding what I was going to use for my Mike entry, Today, NO problem.
Mike Sekowsky did a lot of great work, far too much to list here. He is probably best known for his 1960s work on Justice League of America, or even pulling double duty on Wonder Woman during the late 60s and early 70s. He really did it all!
But (to me) none of it holds a candle to his greatest work... ... ...
The Inferior Five!

Was it over-the-top camp?
You bet! Intentionally so!
It was the silver-age goofiness turning on itself & I loved it.

Medium: Pencil on paper

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

63. Michael Golden

Here we go with another great theme week:
A spotlight on some of the great Mikes' in the industry!
We start the week with a great among greats; Michael Golden.
I really debated on what I was going to do to represent Mr. Golden. I thought about doing a ‘Nam pic, but we're going to do some war comics later in the year, then I thought about doing a Bucky O’Hare pic, but I think that we might see him later as well. Fortunately for me, Michael has done so much great work there is plenty to choose from, so I decided on one of my personal favorites: the Micronauts!

Medium: Pencil on paper
See you tomorrow for much more Mike-Like Majesty!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

62. The Black Hood

The Black Hood, this is one of those unfortunate incidents where I somehow missed out on all of the fun of this character. I'm especially bummed about the !mpact comics series. What a great concept; "The Hood was cursed, you see; whoever wore it was compelled to do good and given the physical enhancements to do so." Beautiful! Kind of like the Mask, but just this side of absurd.
Not M.A.S.K. but the Mask.

Medium: Pencil, pen & ink

61. Black Bolt

I told you I was going to be busy this weekend, but even I was suprised at just how busy, I have some catching up to do.

Black Bolt is the ultimate strong, silent type. The forever noble & tragic hero and 100% stoically bad-ass.

Medium: Pen & ink