Monday, April 17, 2006


I chose to depict the leopard or “spotted” Tokkaebi, but they have also been seen in tiger or “striped” hides. The Tokkaebi is a mythical creature of Korean origins. Not a spirit per se, the Tokkaebi usually transforms from everyday household objects that have not been used in a while. So if you haven’t vacuumed recently... maybe now is the time. They are aligned with the negative energy in the universe, (Yin) but this does not necessarily mean the Tokkaebi are evil. Don’t get me wrong, they love to use their silver spiked club to punish the mean & spiteful, but they are almost as likely to use that same magical club to reward good and kind people with wealth or good blessings.


Ellen said...

I admire your talent with a pencil. Great piece!

disappointed said...

what a brilliant drawing - not only spotted - but also
feathered, horny, pierced and stong!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

you are quite an artists, thanks for the explanation too!