Tuesday, May 02, 2006

IF/MM: Under the Sea

Well once again it’s time for MYTHIC MONDAY! (on Tuesday)
The Illustration Friday topic is “Under the Sea” and so, I waded back into some familiar territory: Norse Mythology to take on one of the nine daughters of Ægir.
Ægir is a giant (or Jotun) and he rules all that exists beneath the waves. Hence his nine daughters are names for types of waves.
His Billow Maidens are:
Himinglæva - That through which one can see the heaven.
Dúfa - The Pitching One.
Blóðughadda - Bloody-Hair.
Uðr - Frothing Wave.
Hrönn - Welling Wave.
Bylgja - Billow.
Dröfn - Foam-Fleck.
Kólga - Poetical term for Wave. "The Cool One"
and here we have Hefring - Riser.
Ægir is known to throw huge parties for the Norse gods. His daughters would help him brew ale in a gigantic pot in preparation for these parties. So I imagine Hefring would be kind of like a giant Paris Hilton.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

very nice - watercolor?

Mike Facey said...

Really good work! Hmmnnnn.....color pencils?

Wolden said...

Actually it is colored pencil.

E Colquhoun said...

cool piece, interesting take on the theme.

Kulo said...

Damn good work!

Kulo said...

Damn good work!

Anonymous said...

Damn good work!