Tuesday, June 17, 2008

143. Robert Kanigher

Robert Kanigher was a mad genius of the comic industry. He could write in any genre and make it maddingly entertaining! He also created multiple great characters: Black Canary, Rose and Thorn, Star Sapphire, the Sea Devils, Ragman, Poison Ivy, Lady Cop, and Rex the Wonder Dog. I know I'm missing some, but how awesome is that list?!
Probably his best known work was on Sgt. Rock with Joe Kubert (which I believe he also created). But since the Sarge shows up on our list soon, I decided to go with another one of my favorites. (Hey, it's my blog.)
The Metal Men!

Man, I love comics, and Mr. Kanigher is a big reason for that.

Medium: Pencil

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