Thursday, July 03, 2008

150. The ‘Nam

150! A milestone!
Hey, while we're here how about I let Bill Reed give a quick explanation about what we have going on here, directly from his original column;
"Welcome to the 150th daily installment of 365 Reasons to Love Comics, a column about creators, characters, titles, stories, and odds and ends that make comics great."
What do we have today?
"Today continues War Comics Week as we talk about a great series that stood out immensely, considering its era, The ‘Nam."
Since I'm still really busy, and because Bill does such a great job, I'll have him give an overview too;
"The ‘Nam was an incredibly well-balanced and realistic portrayal of American soldiers and a life at war. The series gave us some fantastic stories, and I advise you to pick up some of the issues out of your local back issue bin. It’s one of the best war comics ever put out."

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Stay Safe.

Medium: Pencil

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