Tuesday, February 05, 2008

36. Lobo

And since we are in the middle of Black History month, we have a feature on a historical figure (at least, in comics). Lobo was the first black hero to star in his own comic title (Dec. 1965).
The wiki states that "the book was set in the Old West and chronicled the adventures of a wealthy, unnamed African-American gunslinger called "Lobo" by the first issue's antagonists. On the foreheads of vanquished criminals, Lobo would leave the calling card of a gold coin imprinted with the images of a wolf and the letter "L"."
I wonder who owns the rights to this character? I would love to see some new adventures of Lobo.

Not that I need to mention it, but I think you can figure out where I got the "blazing" inspiration from on this piece.

Medium: Pencil & pen

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