Wednesday, February 27, 2008

58. Christopher Priest

I found it interesting what Bill Reed had to say about Christopher Priest. Basically that he wasn't going to spotlight him because he had "already covered a lot of his notable work." In my opinion, that's exactly he should get a spot on the list.
Bill (of course) made the right decision, stating: "He’s done more for black characters in comics than anyone else, promoting these great, underused, and underrated heroes as they rightfully should be." "He’s fighting the good fight. His work isn’t all about race, of course; he can also tell a ripping good yarn."
Plus; who didn't love Quantum & Woody?

Medium: Pen & ink

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Bill Reed said...

Bitchin' stuff, even from the sick days.

I was an idiot for shying away from the Priest spotlight. Hells yeah, Priest! The man does good work.